Membership Requirements

"All federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and non-governmental personnel with a direct role in emergency management and response must be NIMS and ICS trained. This includes all emergency services related disciplines such as EMS, hospitals, public health, fire service, law enforcement, public works/utilities, skilled support personnel, and other emergency management response, support and volunteer personnel." [source]

What does that mean? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the State of Florida, require response personnel, including volunteers, to have NIMS and ICS training.

Sarasota County Emergency Management and ACS have established the same training requirements for ACS members. This is to ensure that responders working together, both professional and volunteers, have similar knowledge of how the ICS system works.

Mimimum Training Requirements

Required by members for County Facility/Mutual Aid assignments:

ARRL EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications
NIMS IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System, IS-100
NIMS IS-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Assessments
NIMS IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction

For members who would like to deploy for Lake County Mutual Aid:

The above plus:

IS-706 NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid - An Introduction

Alternative Training

As an alternative to the ARRL EC-001 Emergency Communications Course, ACS members may wish to take a Basic Emergency Communications course developed by Pat Lambert, W0IPL. Sarasota County ACS will accept this training in lieu of the EC-001 course. However, members who wish to have recognized State credit and be eligible for out of county deployments, will need to take the ARRL EC-001 course.

Emergency Communications Basics

The "Emergency Communications Basics" course requires you to take an on-line final exam. There are two questions on attitude that are mandatory. If you miss either of those you will need to retake the test!

There are two tests of fifty questions each for the "Emergency Communications Basics" material. You may take the tests at different times as long as you complete the second test within two weeks of taking the first. Please fill in all portions at the beginning of each test and make comments at the end of each test if you choose to.

Emergency Communications Course Exam, Part 1 of 2
Emergency Communications Course Exam, Part 2 of 2

You cannot pass the 100 question test unless you take both exams.

Training material used with permission.

Additional Training

Members may be interested in taking additional FEMA classes, or CERT training.

NIMS/ICS classes can be taken on-line for free. Sarasota County also offers NIMS/ICS classes to members at no cost.

Watch the News page for announcements of upcoming classes.