Membership in SRQARES is open to any FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator and is irrespective of any club affiliations. There is no “application form”. Instead, you must complete each of the following three steps to be a “recognized” member of SRQARES.

One. Join the Google SRQARES.Groups.IO Messaging Service

The group has adopted this system for both routine day-to-day communication with members, and as a mobilization and deployment tool during emergency operations. Click the link below, create your profile, and send your first “hello” message to the group!

Two. Register on the ARRL/ARES Database Website

This is a national database of all amateur radio operators who have volunteered to participate in ARES operations. Managers use this database to find deployable assets when needed. When you register, you can clearly indicate if you wish to be or not be deployed outside your home geographical area.
IMPORTANT: GROUP REGISTRATIONS at the bottom of the registration page. Be sure and pick SRQ ARES (WCF) for one of your Registered Groups.

Three. Register with the Florida State Emergency Response Team (SERT) Website

This is a statewide database of emergency response workers and volunteers. Users can upload their completion certificates from various training courses they have completed here, and supervisors or managers can poll the database to verify individuals “credentials”. This is also a volunteer’s portal into the application system for various state and FEMA courses taught around the state on a regular basis. Temporarily, enter your “supervisors” information as yourself with your name and contact information.

Congratualtions! You are now
an SRQARES Member.

The last thing you must do is start working on the required training courses to be considered a “deployable” member.