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Deer Prairie II Exercise

An ACS exercise is being planned for Sunday, January 8, 2017. This event will be held near the Carlton Reserve in South Sarasota County, the site of Deer Prairie I. The ACS role will be to provide communications support for a Sarasota County K-9 Search and Rescue Training Drill, including helicopter landing zone coordination.

 If you are interested in participating and have not already been contacted, email Ed Gansen at

Deer Prairie II
Sunday – January 8, 2017

Multiple ACS Objectives during Exercise:

  • Practice Check-In, Staging and Convoying
  • Setup Field Comm Centers (2 – Div A & Div B) and Mobile Base (1 – LZ)
  • Practice Comms and Coordination between EOC and Staging and Division A and Division B
  • Practice Tactical Comms between Division A and LZ; Division A andK-9 Search & Rescue Communicator; Division B and Park LandManager (Debbie Blanco) Communicator


  • Staging – McDonald’s Parking Lot at Laurel Rd and I-75 (Exit 195)
  • Div A – General area of last year’s Deer Prairie – K-9 S&R Training Site, Johnson Camp (JULIET)
  • Div B – Carleton Reserve Public Use Facility (PUF) – Site for “Piggy’s Revenge 2017″ Off Road Bike Race – Pavilion Area (PAPA)

ACS Assignments/Tactical Calls:

  • “COMMAND” Ed – K8DSS, Bob – KA4BOB (At EOC)
  • “OPERATIONS” Chuck – W4CWJ
  • “COMM LEADER” Brent – W8XG
  • “IC” (IC’s Ride-Along) John – W3ATR (IC = SO Range Deputy)
  • “JULIET BASE” – Div A Bob – KJ4SV, Rick – AJ4FW
  • “LZ 3” Communicator Les – N4LPK
  • “PAPA BASE” – Div B Den – W2DEN, Net – N2RDX (AM), Jim – WA9TIR (PM)
  • “PAPA MOBILE” Bill – K4FLV (in Debbie Blanco’s truck)
  • “STAGING” Norm – KM4MEP
  • “SAFETY” Norm – KM4MEP
  • “HOTEL” The house in last year’s exercise, will be used as a relief/rehab facility this year.

Exercise Schedule:

Units arrive at Staging 0715 – 0745
Depart Staging 0800 – 0815
Div A Operational 0845 – 0900
Div B Operational 0845 – 0900
Safety Briefing – Air Ops 0930 (For All ACS and K-9 personnel)
K-9 Exercise Begins 1000
Piggy’s Revenge Start 0800 (reference only)
Div A Demobilized 1430
Div B Demobilized 1600

Suggested Equipment:

  • Div A & B Base Jump Kit (ACS or personal), portable omni antenna, sun shelter, table, chairs, generator
    • OR Mobile Setup with external, portable antenna
  • Div A LZ Mobile Radio
  • Communicators HT, Gain antenna (opt.), extra batteries
  • K4FLV Mobile Radio and mag mount antenna
  • Staging/Safety HT
  • Digital/ARDEN As determined by Brent & Crew

ACS Frequencies:

  • Primary – SAR-2 (145.13-)
  • Secondary – SAR-5 (147.39+) – only if SAR-2 not usable
  • Simplex – SAR-11 (146.52) – as directed

This is a rain or shine event. Each person responsible for food and hydration, protective gear.

EJG 12.20.2016, Rev 1

INCIDENT RADIO COMMUNICATIONS PLAN Incident Name Date/Time Prepared Operational Period Date/Time
DEER PRAIRIE II 01/02/17 01.08.2017 / 0730-1600
Ch # Function Channel Assignment RX Freq RX Tone/NAC TX Freq Tx Tone/NAC Mode Remarks
1 Command SAR-2 Primary 145.130 100 144..530 100 Enroute & On Scene
2 Command SAR-5 Secondary 147.390 100 147.990 100 Back Up for Above
4 Tactical SAR-14 146.520 146.520 As directed by Base
6 Digital SAR-20 Primary 144.950 144.950
7 Digital SAR-21 Secondary 144.910 144.910
Prepared By (Communications Unit) Incident Location
ED GANSEN – ACS SCEM Sarasota County        FL
The convention calls for frequency lists to show four digits after the decimal place, followed by either an “N” or a “W”, depending on whether the frequency is
narrow or wide band.   Mode refers to either “A” or “D” indicating analog or digital (e.g. Project 25) or “M” indicating mixed mode.  All channels are shown
as if programmed in a control station, mobile or portable radio.   Repeater and base stations must be programmed with the Rx and Tx reversed.