twitter_50EOC FacebookThe Sarasota EOC Twitter and Facebook page will have the latest information on current EOC activation levels.

Activation Level 1 – Full Scale Activation

  • In a full scale activation, SRQARES members may be deployed for support functions at various locations in the county.
  • The Multi Agency Coordination Center (MACC) will be fully staffed.

Activation Level 2 – Partial Activation

  • Limited Activation. SRQARES members may be deployed as necessary to support the event.
  • The MACC will be staffed as needed.
  • Advise the AEC Operations of your availability.

Activation Level 3 – Monitor

  • SRQARES members should remain aware of any potential events.
  • SRQARES members should be prepared to deploy on short notice, should the Activation Level be raised.
Activation information will be sent to SRQARES members via our Groups.IO messaging system. If you suspect any activations, please monitor SAR-2 and SAR-5 frequencies for information.