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G-300 Intermediate ICS – 2/25-27, 2019

Feb. 25 – Feb. 27 Region 6 Sarasota
G-300 – G-300 Intermediate Incident Command System…

This is a state sponsored course that is only being hosted by the county. All SRQARES supervisors and leaders are required to complete this course. One must register online to take the course:

Once you login, you should see these two courses listed in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on “details” then click on “apply”. Done. Now your “supervisor” must approve the application. You should have created your profile where you are your own supervisor. The system quickly sends two emails. One as the student to confirm your application. And one as your supervisor to approve the application, which you do. You are able to apply and approve your own registration for the G-300 course!!

These approved applications then must get a final approval from the state. You should receive a confirmation email at that time.