ACS Monthly Net Schedule – 2017       Link to Preamble
Date                          NCS
1/10                           WB9AYD       Gary Wells
2/14                          No Net – ACS Member Meeting
3/14                          AJ4FW           Rick
4/11                          N8DST           Jim
5/9                           W4CWJ          Chuck
6/13                          No Net – ACS Member Meeting
7/11                           KJ4SV            Bob
8/8                            N4LPK          Les
9/12                          W2DEN         Den
10/10                        KM4PZK       Mathew
11/14                         No Net – ACS Member Meeting
12/12                         W8XG           Brent
Net will be held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30PM
on the SAR-5 Repeater — 147.390+ (100 Hz), with SAR-6 — 443.550 (100 Hz) as backup.
If the above schedule presents a conflict to you, please trade with another NCS. Let me know what you work out.
73′ and thanks,
Ed Gansen – K8DSS


This is the ACS Monthly Net.  This is the ACS Monthly Net.

 The Auxiliary Communications Service of Sarasota County conducts a monthly net for ACS members and visitors. This net convenes on the 147.39 Repeater, with the 443.550 Repeater as an alternate. Today’s Net Control is <your name>  and I am located in <your QTH>.

The purpose of the ACS Net is to keep members up to date and to share information about ACS activities. Also, we use the net to provide training in a controlled net environment.

  At this time, are there any announcements?

<listen for announcement calls and let them make their announcement>.

We will now take regular check-ins – one at a time, with standard phonetics, please space out your calls.

<listen for checkins>

 Net Control recognizes:

<list all stations checking in>

 Are there more check-ins?

<list additional stations>

<After check-ins are complete, give each station a turn to make a transmission – If you have a topic or question, state it at this time, so each station can respond>

We will now take a round of comments…


 <Every ten minutes, ask> ” Are there any additional check-ins for the ACS Net?”


 <After all stations have commented, ask> “Are there any last check ins to the ACS Net?”

 There being no further for the net, I will close the net at this time. Thank you to all that have checked in and a special thanks to the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club for the use of the repeater. The Monthly ACS Net is now closed. Good night and remember to join the next ACS Net on Tuesday – <look at schedule> – at 7:30PM. This is <your call>.