ACS Mission

The mission of the ACS is to establish an emergency communications reserve supported by unpaid (volunteer) staff. ACS operates in partnership with Sarasota County Emergency Management.

The purpose of the reserve, is to:

  1. Support any and all public service communications systems in event of failure, overload or other problems that might jeopardize their usefulness and purpose. This shall include but not be limited to the following systems and departments: 9-1-1, fire, sheriff/police, Emergency Management.
  2. Provide access to FCC Amateur Radio Service frequencies during times of emergencies.
  3. Maintain communications equipment in an on-going state of readiness.
  4. Set up and staff at locations as specified in the current operations plan.
  5. Activate a minimum level of support whenever ACS is alerted to a potential or existing emergency; minimum level being at least one unpaid staff (volunteer) on duty at the EOC.
  6. Provide operators for all necessary positions to sustain operations as long as the EOC is activated.
  7. Handle message, information, command and liaison ‘traffic’ as is required for any communications needed in an emergency or threat of an emergency.
  8. Conduct such training and familiarization events as shall accomplish all of the above.