ACS Guidelines

  1. Emergency Management has designated the ACS organization as their amateur radio partner and auxiliary communications service provider, tasked with recruiting, organizing, and deploying ham radio operators for emergency activations in Sarasota County.

  2. ACS operates under the direction of Emergency Management as part of Emergency Support Function 2 (ESF2, Communications). The ACS Radio Officer is appointed by Emergency Management. The ACS Radio Officer can appoint Deputy Radio Officers, as needed.

  3. Based on the incident type and projected needs, Emergency Management specifies what assignments ACS is needs to fill. ACS fills those positions by priority and available resources (members available to help). Manpower needs may also be filled by incoming volunteer resources, requested through the State and/or mutual aid agreements. ACS will coordinate these efforts.

  4. Anyone wishing to become involved with Emergency Communications work for Sarasota County, is eligible to join ACS. However, training requirements must usually be met within 6 months to qualify for “missions”.

  5. ACS membership requirements must be met in order to work at County and/or government run facilities or sites. These requirements meet FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, and County directives regarding NIMS compliance. Members not meeting the membership requirements will have secondary status, and not be eligible to work at County and/or government run facilities or sites.

  6. ACS will not maintain formal partnerships or liaisons with area radio clubs, but ACS representatives will be available to provide ACS membership information, when desired, to area radio clubs or non-affiliated amateur licensees.

  7. ACS equipment is not available for use by non-ACS members for non-ACS events or activities. Usage of County owned equipment is at the sole discretion of Emergency Management.